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Boudoir Photographer
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Now Serving Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas!

Why Hushed Cherry Boudoir?

What To Expect

The art of what we do has been considered taboo for so many years. We are here to expel the idea that sexy should be shunned. We always like to start off with a consultation to allow ourselves to get a better idea of your personality and what you're expecting out of the session. As soon as our first meeting occurs, our expert team begins to brainstorm outfits, makeup, and hair; to achieve the desired tone of your shoot.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in not being like every other Boudoir Photography Studio. We pull together the aspects of class and beauty and marry them with our team's quirky and unique style. At Hushed Cherry Boudoir, we make every appointment a time to remember and a chance to have fun. At the end of the day, our main priority is making sure you walk out feeling gorgeous and ready to conquer the world.

Lets See ‘em

The most exciting day of all, the day you get to see your pictures! After your session, we will sit down and go over the Hushed Cherry Collection options. This is where we will also set up a payment plan if needed. Once we choose your package, I get to work and let my creative juices flow to create this beautiful masterpiece of YOU. I will then email the digital images to you for download, then mail your products to the address of your choosing! 

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Boudoir Photographer

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