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Question 1

Where are you located exactly?

We are at 1322 Concord Rd in Smryna! Next door to Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy!

Question 2

What is a Session Fee?

A Session Fee is what covers your hair and make-up, wardrobe and time with the photographer.

Question 3

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Not on the Session Fee. But we can absolutely do a payment plan for the Collection you choose (which starts at 499.00) You will choose your Collection at your Reveal Day! 

Question 4

I am so nervous! I have never done anything like this before! Is this like porn?!?

NO! First, I have fun at anything I do, and making people feel comfortable by laughter and camaraderie is second nature to me. We will get a questionnaire answered from you prior to your shoot to go over any insecurities, favorite food, drinks, favorite music, things that you love about yourself, what makes you feel sexy so you are at your most comfortable on the day of your shoot! We are in this together! This is about being 85 years old one day and looking back at your photo book and saying, "DAMN! I was freaking HOT!!!!"

Question 6

What if I am not happy with the pictures?

My heart will break in two and then we will talk about what you do not like about them. We can discuss re-shoot options. But, you must understand if you are coming to me to completely change how you see yourself by taking 50lbs off, changing your face to look like someone else, you have the wrong photographer. I do use Photoshop at my discretion, I am NOT a Plastic Surgeon and I will not make you look fake by using Photoshop to change everything about you. I am also not a Therapist, I can only tell you how beautiful you are so many times, but if you can't see that in yourself, this is not the photographer's issue. That is a YOU issue.


Question 7

But what if I want to lose 20lbs first!!!

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this one... STOP IT. Just stop. Right now.

Question 8

What do I need to bring on the day of my shoot?

We will call you before your shoot with a questionnaire as well as send you posing videos prior to your session to go over anything you may need to bring on your shoot.

Do you have outfits for me?

YES! We have a client closet from sizes XS to XXXL!

Can I bring someone with me?

While I do not suggest bringing someone because it can be very distracting for you as well as me, on a case by case basis we may allow it. This will be talked about during our questionnaire call.

Question 9

Do you do couple boudoir photoshoots?

Absolutely! No extra charge for couples! I do not have a men's closet, but sweatpants, jeans or just boxers are fine for them!
NOTE You will notice in the contract, whoever PAYS for the actual products is who the pictures legally belong to, unless we have another contract signed by both parties for ownership.

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