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Meet The Photographer


My name is Jessica Garrard and I will be the hype chick behind the camera! I am a Mama of 2 girls, a wife and a business owner of two very successful and local swim and scuba schools! (Sharkies Scuba Adventures and Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy). Why am I doing Boudoir Photography, you ask? Great Question! My husband and I run our other businesses together, we make jokes that he is the talent and I am the brains behind the curtain, the Wizard if you will. Haha! He gets his creative outlets all the time, he dives with predators of the sea (sharks, whales, alligators), he now has my daughter doing it too! But my outlet has gotten suppressed over the years. Wahwah. I have a knack for seeing beauty in everything and everybody, I see beauty in music so much that I am brought to tears at almost every concert I go to! And I see beauty in people that they can never look in the mirror and see for themselves.

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I want people to see what I see!!! I was so in love with photography in high school, that my diploma has an extra seal on it! I went to college for communications and actually worked on a popular radio station for a while, quickly learning I am not a dog eat dog person, I went into the medical field and became a very successful Medical Administrator for many years. Yes, high heels every day and closed in an office for 40 hours a week. That just wasn’t me, even though I was really good at it! An amazing opportunity came to me and my husband and we started our own business. Six years later, its my turn! I have trained under esteemed and TikTok famous Boudoir Photographer, Matt Mathews as well as PhotoShop Guru, Eddie Tapp. I love to be wild and quirky with my clients and love when thinking outside of the box gets us some of the most amazing photos! You will have an amazing time at your session with me and I can’t wait to meet you!

Meet the Hair and Make Up Artist (Atlanta)

Atlanta MUA



My name is Wynn Childers. I’m an Atlanta native born and raised and makeup is my passion. From a very young age, acne became one of my well known friends. I was not going to let this inconvenience run my life and so I began practicing makeup as a coping mechanism. I love making the “weird and unusual ” look fierce and beautiful. Although I have a place in my heart for a natural glow. I look forward to making you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. 

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